Hat Music - album release

My album “Hat Music” - a collection of my original songs that straddle a range of styles - is officially available now! The album was produced 5 years ago but had yet to be released. It features an amazing cast of renowned musicians. You can get it or stream it wherever you get your music. Here are some direct links:

Amazon Music
Google Play Music
CD Baby

Cyrus von Hochstetter - vocals, piano, rhodes, organ, words & music
Jay Rattman: clarinets and saxophones
Ryan Keberle: Trombones
Dan Peck: tuba
Larry Campbell: guitars, pedal steel, fiddle, vocals
Stéphane Wrembel: guitar
Kruno Špišić: guitar
Byron Isaacs: electric bass, double bass, vocals
Brian Torff: double bass
Dylan Shamat: double bass
Warren Odze: drums

Mixing and engineering: Louis Brown
Tracking assistant: Tyler Hartman
Mastering: Mark Wilder
Produced by: Cyrus von Hochstetter & Louis Brown
Recorded at Avatar Studios, NYC, 2014
Album Artwork: Makiko Sadamori

Jazz solo concert in Kapolcs, Hungary

I'm happy to share the news of my first concert in Hungary: Tomorrow night I am performing a solo jazz program at the summer music festival "Müvészetek Völgye" (Valley of the Arts) in Kapolcs.
I am also thrilled that saxophonist Bob Mintzer and jazz pianist Enrico Pieranunzi are performing on the same night. These are musicians I have listened to over the years.
I hope to post a video excerpt of the concert soon.

Brain Sore music video

Check out my newly released music video and song 'Brain Sore'.

The video was directed by Elspeth Victoria Brown.

You can download the song for free here.

get it on iTunes

words, music, piano and vocals by Cyrus von Hochstetter Video directed by: Elspeth Victoria Brown; Director of Photography: Chris Eadiccico, Andres Karu; Editing: Josh Argueta, Harold Urena; Animation: Harold Urena, Cyrus von Hochstetter; Clarinets: Jay Rattman; Trombones: Ryan Keberle; Guitars: Stephane Wrembel, Kruno Špišić; Bass: Brian Torff; Tuba: Dan Peck; Drums: Warren Odze; Dancers: Arianna Rosario, Sonja Chung, Marie Smith, Kelly Williams, Michelle Wilke, Mike McNulty; Actors: Jen Artesi, Guyviaud Joseph; Mixing and engineering: Louis Brown; Tracking assistant: Tyler Hartman; Mastering: Mark Wilder; Opening sequence: Trombones: Joe Fiedler, Ryan Keberle, Tim Albright, Tom 'Bones' Malone and David Taylor; Mixing and engineering: Louis Brown and Chris Allen; Produced by: Cyrus von Hochstetter

In Darkness Still: New song released

I am happy to announce the release of my new song 'In Darkness Still'. This is the first release of a series of songs that I have been recording for the past year. You can listen to the song here. It is now available on iTunes and Amazon or directly through bandcamp I hope you enjoy it!

words, music, vocals and piano: Cyrus von Hochstetter

bass clarinet: Jay Rattman

trombone: Ryan Keberle

guitar: Kruno Spisic

bass: Brian Torff

drums: Warren Odze

tracking and mixing: Louis Brown assistant engineer: Tyler Hartman


Ask this man what happens when all is said and done he'll say to you as always there's nothin' new under the sun

I dreamed of love by the Caspian sea I fled every soul who believed in me I found myself a weepin' willow tree and remain in darkness still

ooh ooh ah ah ooh ah and you say it ain't right, no ooh ooh ah ah ooh ah but I say it's all right it's just all right

The lights shine on and the clock ticks I learned all the rules I tried everything they preach but I forgot my name when I heard her heartbeat and held a blade in between my fingertips

I don't know how many words I spoke I've lost count of all the masks I broke the only place that calls me home is where I remain in darkness stillooh ooh ah ah ooh ah and you say it ain't right, no ooh ooh ah ah ooh ah but I say it's all right it's just all right

Now, go away it's all been said and done you remind me of myself and you're someone else's son

and sometimes the world just smells like piss and on those days all I can say is this better cry your way through the night or remain in darkness still

"Brain Sore" session at Avatar studios

Earlier this month I recorded two new songs of mine at Avatar studios with some great musicians  who added a perfect feel to the style of the pieces.

"This Song" - mix session

I recently met the bandoneonist and composer JP Jofre for a recording. Check out his work: www.jofremusic.com

"This Song" recording session at Sear Sound

Greetings, Since May I have been working recording sessions for my songs. I rewrote one of my former songs as a duo for two voices that we recorded at the legendary Sear Sound studio. The song also features a brass interlude which I arranged for five trombones and I was fortunate to be able to work with some of the top trombonists in the field. Harmonica virtuoso Will Galison is featured as a soloist over the trombones. Will has performed and recorded with every imaginable major record artist. Here are some photos from the recording session.

Hello World!

Finally! I spent the last few years away from social media and general www activities. Several months ago I decided to start a blog to keep in touch and let "the world" know of my activities and project. So, check in here regularly. For my first post I am publishing some tour photos. I spent some time on the road this past Feb-Apr. The tour took me through Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi, Arizona, Nevada, California amongst other states. A considerable "Americana" experience. here are some of the moments: