Music of the Day #36: Marietta's Lied

Last Saturday, a friend of mine forwarded me a recording of an aria. I had worked throughout the day and took a break to listen to this heartwarming music. Everything seemed to slow down and only then did I realize what a glorious day this had been. A crisp cold fall day, blinding sun, blue and cloudless skies. I put the music on repeat, grabbed my camera and began to capture the moment. Yellow cabs, trucks, bikers and pedestrians turned into props and actors; New York into the dead city. In case you were wondering, the aria is "Marietta’s Lied” from Korngold’s opera "Die tote Stadt”, sung by Leontyne Price.I hope that the resulting video will convey a piece of the moment to you.

Glück, das mir verblieb, rück zu mir, mein treues Lieb. Abend sinkt im Hag bist mir Licht und Tag. Bange pochet Herz an Herz Hoffnung schwingt sich himmelwärts.

Wie wahr, ein traurig Lied. Das Lied vom treuen Lieb, das sterben muss. Ich kenne das Lied. Ich hört es oft in jungen, in schöneren Tagen. Es hat noch eine Strophe -- weiß ich sie noch?

Naht auch Sorge trüb, rück zu mir, mein treues Lieb. Neig dein blaß Gesicht Sterben trennt uns nicht. Mußt du einmal von mir gehn, glaub, es gibt ein Auferstehn. Happiness that has stayed with me, move up close my true love. evening in the grove is waning, yet you are my light and day. Heart beats heart uneasily, while hope soars heavenward.

How true, a mournful song. The song of the true love bound to die. I know this song. I often heard it when young in happier days of yore. There is yet another stanza - have I still got it in mind?

Though dismal sorrow draws nigh, move close beside me, my true love. Turn your wan face to me death will not part us. When your hour of death does come believe that you will rise again.