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Music of the Day - Jacques Brel

Today, two songs written and performed by Jacques Brel. Jacques Brel was a Belgian songwriter, although the French have long claimed his music part of they own cultural heritage. He is a master of telling stories through songs and using words in a very powerful manner. I always find it mesmerizing to watch him perform or even simply talk. His intensity and presence makes it impossible to remain unmoved or indifferent.If you understand French you will enjoy the songs even more. Either case I chose clips that had English subtitles so you can appreciate the combination of the words with the music.

"Au Suivant"

And "Ne me quitte pas", one of his most famous songs. It was translated in English (as "If You Go Away" although the correct translation simply means "do not leave me") and then interpreted by almost everyone from Frank Sinatra to Nina Simone and Barbara Streisand.