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Music of the Day #34: Cyrus von Hochstetter - In Darkness Still

I am happy to announce the release of my new song 'In Darkness Still'. This is the first release of a series of songs that I have been recording for the past year.You can listen to the song here. It is now available on iTunes and Amazon or directly through bandcamp I hope you enjoy it!

words, music, vocals and piano: Cyrus von Hochstetter

bass clarinet: Jay Rattman

trombone: Ryan Keberle

guitar: Kruno Spisic

bass: Brian Torff

drums: Warren Odze

tracking and mixing: Louis Brown assistant engineer: Tyler Hartman


Ask this man what happens when all is said and done he'll say to you as always there's nothin' new under the sun

I dreamed of love by the Caspian sea I fled every soul who believed in me I found myself a weepin' willow tree and remain in darkness still

ooh ooh ah ah ooh ah and you say it ain't right, no ooh ooh ah ah ooh ah but I say it's all right it's just all right

The lights shine on and the clock ticks I learned all the rules I tried everything they preach but I forgot my name when I heard her heartbeat and held a blade in between my fingertips

I don't know how many words I spoke I've lost count of all the masks I broke the only place that calls me home is where I remain in darkness still

ooh ooh ah ah ooh ah and you say it ain't right, no ooh ooh ah ah ooh ah but I say it's all right it's just all right

Now, go away it's all been said and done you remind me of myself and you're someone else's son

and sometimes the world just smells like piss and on those days all I can say is this better cry your way through the night or remain in darkness still

Music of the Day - Clarence Penn

Last Friday I spent an evening at the Jazz Gallery which relocated to a new place just a few steps from where I live. The bill for that night was drummer Clarence Penn's band with pianist Gerald Clayton, saxophonist Chad Lefkowitz-Brown and bassist Yasushi Nakamura. I hadn't heard Clarence Penn before and was mesmerized. His rhythmic precision, innovation and the joy and celebration in his playing was one of a kind. The entire band shared the same enthusiasm that night and it was one of the best jazz performances I had heard in a while. First thing I did when arriving home was to search for youtube videos of Clarence Penn and I found an excellent piece. This is with a trio that features Kenny Drew Jr., a phenomenal and extremely versatile pianist that I met briefly after moving to New York.Enjoy!

Music of the Day - Only The Lonely

This music is a more recent discovery for me. I haven't been particularly exposed to Frank Sinatra. However, during my travels with the music group I was touring with over the last months, the leader, Michael, took advantage of the many hours spent traveling by car to share his passion for the music of Frank Sinatra. He explained in many details the differences between Sinatra's collaborations with various arrangers such as Nelson Riddle, Gordon Jenkins and Billy May. For Michael, there were no doubts that Sinatra's best work had been with Nelson Riddle. He found Nelson Riddle's arrangement to add weight, depth and complexity where other arrangers would not go beyond light-hearted swinging affairs. And to illustrate this he played us the album "Only the Lonely". I was mesmerized by the opening track, the jazz standard "What's New", and everyone became very quiet in the car. Even after the piece was over none of us felt like speaking for a considerable time. Indeed, this was not the kind of music that I had commonly associated with Sinatra, much darker and chromatic, layered. Whether this is an old-familiar tune or unknown territory for you, here is the piece of music I wish to share with you today: